Large Hail Storm Leaves Austin Buildings with Costly Damage

Sep 25, 2023Austin, Blog, Local News, Storm Damage

On Sunday, September 24th, a sizable hailstorm came through the Austin area and left a trail of extensive damage to homes, buildings, and cars.

What: Heavy winds up to 60 mph and hail around 1.68 to 2.94 inches in. diameter
When: September 24
Where: Austin, TX

Last Week, The Austin Chronicle reported on its website that the Austin area was impacted by a large hailstorm. The hail storm came through the area on September 24th and caused substantial and costly damages to homes, cars, and buildings.

If you or someone you love sustained damage from the storm, here is what you need to know about the damage that hail can cause, safety tips before and after a storm, and relief resources in Austin.

Important Information about Hail

Hail is a form of ice pellets that can form during intense storms. Hail ranges in size and can cause substantial damage to your roofing, home, and property when it is around or larger than 1” in diameter. During a large hailstorm, you can incur damage that ranges from dented gutters and roofing, ripped screen doors, and shattered windows, to cracked siding and compromised structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

According to The Austin Chronicle, the city of Austin has conducted a preliminary estimate of the damage to buildings and found that multiple rooftop solar panels at Austin Energy’s Mueller headquarters were destroyed and that pieces of hail broke one of the skylights at the Austin Department’s Fire Station #14.

Precautions for Storm Safety

There are many ways that you can prepare for a storm and reduce damage to your home and belongings. Before a storm comes, it’s a good idea to move your cars to a covered place, bring in your outside furniture, and clear out any weak branches that you can find near your home.

In the midst of a storm, make sure that you and your pets are safely inside your home and away from any doors or windows. You should close your curtains to create an extra barrier between yourself and any broken glass that can occur from hail and high winds.

Once a storm has passed, you can inspect your home and roofing for any potential damage. If you happen to find any debris, you can safely clear it away from your home. If your home has sustained substantial damage from the storm, it’s a good idea to call a roofing professional to come and inspect your roofing. You’ll want to find a local roofing company that has storm damage repair experience in your city.

Storm Damage Resources

The Austin Texas Government has an Emergency Management Department page where you can find information about local weather, ways to be prepared for extreme weather, and information on things like wildfires, severe thunderstorms, and tornadoes. This information will help you stay informed, prepared, and safe during various types of storms.

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