Benefits of a Metal Roof

Jan 6, 2023Blog

Green Knight ® Beats the Competition!

A metal roof doesn’t necessarily need to make your house look like a barn. Green Knight ® roofs are unique looking and, in many cases, can even be installed over one existing layer of roofing material. On top of being distinctive, each hand-crafted roof is made from energy efficient metals that use HI-R Kynar finishes. Because the roofs save substantial energy dollars and are designed to last decades, they instantly increase the resale value of your home.

The positive locking panels, hi-reach leak free flashing, triple valleys and hi-flow ventilation systems help protect your home from Mother Nature.

The benefits of a roof from Green Knight ® are endless. Some include:

Fantastically Beautiful

Our hand-crafted metal roofs provide both a touch of class and distinction to your home that simply cannot be achieved from basic asphalt shingles.

Green Knight Metal Roofing Austin

Energy Efficient

The energy efficiency of aluminum combined with the heat reflectivity of HI-R Kynar finishes gives you a roof that will save a significant amount of air conditioning dollars.

Lasts Decades

Ordinary shingles need to be replaced every 10-12 years. Green Knight ® roofs are virtually indestructible and can last for generations.

Instantly Increase The Value Of Your Home

Our products add more than 60% of the cost of the roof to the value of your home. Compare that to Asphalt Shingles which do not add any value to the home and you can see that with metal, your property as a whole can increase in value.

Costs Less Over Time Compared To Asphalt

The roofs from Green Knight ® have non-prorated warranties and will dramatically outlast normal asphalt roofs.

Environmentally Clean

Typically, when new roofs are installed, the old ones need to be removed and thrown into a landfill. That isn’t always the case with the Green Knight ® roofs, as they are designed to go over an existing three-tab layer of asphalt shingles. Our roofing materials are made from a substantial amount of recycled content, and way down the road when it is time for them to be replaced, the entire roof will be recyclable.