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Who We Are

Green Knight® Metal Roofing has been serving Central Texas since 2007, and since that time, we have installed millions of square feet of metal roofing on local homes and businesses.

We are metal roofing specialists. We believe so strongly in the benefits of metal roofing that we will not install asphalt shingles, cement tiles or clay tiles on your home. Unlike the installation of asphalt shingles, Metal Roofing is a skilled trade. It takes years of training and experience to be able to install any type of metal roofing professionally. And metal is all we do. Thus, when you hire Green Knight® you know you are hiring the best.

If it’s metal, we can install it on your home or business. Whether you prefer the traditional Texas look of standing seam or you’re more interested in a steel or aluminum shingle, we are the Metal Roof Specialists! We work with only the highest-quality products, installed by a professional, caring team whose only goals are to do the job right and to make you happy.
Green Knight® Metal Roofing assures you and your family that your new roof will possess outstanding and outlasting strength, beauty, durability, energy efficiency and environmental benefits for generations to come.

The Green Knight® Core Values

A crucial part of a Knight’s armor is his shield. At Green Knight® Metal Roofing our Shield is represented by our core values:



We will provide you an excellent service experience, from your first contact with Green Knight until our final project completion, and beyond…



We will tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear.



We will do the right thing and do things the right way, regardless of whether anyone is looking.



We continue to strive to improve our product, our systems, our communication and the overall experience, to provide you with the excellence you deserve.



Our team members will continue to improve themselves by completing ongoing education, in order to continue to perform on our value of “Excellence.”



You can count on us to do what we say we will do.

The Green Knight® Name and Logo

What’s in a name? How important is a logo?

To the team at Green Knight® Metal Roofing, a lot of thought and effort went into both.

The name “Green Knight” is representative of the following attributes:

Knights are historically known as brave and honorable, who complete impossible tasks with courage and integrity while still remaining humble.

The Metal Armor a Knight wears protects him from all forms of danger, just like the metal roof will do for your home. To a Knight, the metal protects their ability to perform, and it protects their most important asset, their life. A metal roof will protect your family and your home, from the dangers of extreme weather. Additionally, Armor just looks fantastic. Knights are very proud of how they look when wearing a beautiful set of armor. You will experience the same pride when you see your home wearing its own beautiful set of armor.

The ”Green” in “Green Knight” represents the eco benefits of our product. All metal roofing is made from some level of recycled material, and is completely recyclable at the end of its life (which will likely outlast ours!). Metal roofing is helping to cut down the billions (yes, “billions”) of pounds of asphalt shingles that end up in the landfills every year. Additionally, the modern coatings used in metal roofing can actually reflect harmful UV Rays, thus reducing attic temperatures and, ultimately, energy costs. Most Green Knight® clients tell us they save anywhere from 20 – 40% on their energy bills on an annual basis.

“Metal Roofing” We could have named the company Green Knight® Roofing but we wanted to show a commitment that Metal Roofing is all we do. Unlike other companies that say they specialize in Metal Roofing, but still list asphalt shingles or cement tiles on their websites, or generically call them selves “XYZ Roofing” we are so committed to the product that we put it in our name.

You may notice that the sword to shield to cape transition of the Green Knight® Logo represents a roof line. The Knight’s helmet shows his steadfast determination and, of course, the shield represents our core values.

Why is Green Knight® a registered Trademark? Well, you may have heard that “Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.” Being successful breeds copycats. We have already seen versions of our name and logo in the marketplace. So we went forward with the legal process to protect our brand from such copycats, and to avoid confusing consumers. So, we now have protection for the following:

Green Knight® Metal Roofing
Armor Your Castle®
The Green Knight Logo

Meet the Team

Leadership Team:

Joel Kenty, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, RRL

Jim Parish
– Partner/President

Tina Mcosker
– Sales Manager

Sales Team:

Brett Laughlin
– Senior Project Consultant

Michael Plemons
– Residential Project Consultant

Jack Freeman
– Marketing Specialist

Production Team:

Ismael Vazquez
– Field Manager

Steve Smith
– Field Supervisor and Metal Fabrication Specialist

Ryan Edwards
– Field Supervisor

Rogelio Vazquez
– Team Lead

Alex Vazquez
– Team Lead

Administration Team:

Pam Marquardt
– Office manager

George Kenty
– Admin

Amy Beaird
– Accounting

Installation Team:

While not mentioned by name, this team is the core of what we do.  Their pride in workmanship is unparalleled in the industry and we are honored to have them on our team!