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  • Avatar Kimberley Spinner ★★★★★ a month ago
    Thank you to the entire Green Knight team for such an awesome experience working with you ALL from start to finish.
    We called 5 different companies to get a quote. One highly advertised metal roof company wanted to charge us a 150.00 trip
    … More charge to come meet us and give us a presentation quote or they could satellite measure our roof and get back with us. I told them NO THANK YOU. One company was a scheduled appointment NO SHOW !! We dismissed 2 companies because they were more shingle specialist type companies that offered some metal roof experience. We called Green Knight to schedule an appointment and Green Knight made us feel like an important priority.
    Our sales rep Mike took all the time that WE needed getting our questions answered. He represented his company with pride in assuring us of the quality of Green Knights craftsmanship. Your home is a big investment and a quality roof offers not only appeal, but a long durability warranty, energy savings, and never having to have a roofer come replace weather damaged shingles. Everything was kept clean and organized during the installation. The install team were all so polite.
    We are the proud owners of a stunningly beautiful quality Green Knight roof for the rest of our lives.
    We want to say thank you to everyone at Green Knight that we met
    And all who worked on our project. Ismael, you and your team rock ! To our sales Rep Mike, thank you again for the recipe !!
  • Avatar Katie Fowler ★★★★★ a year ago
    Green Knight was great! We would definitely use them again. Michael, the sales rep, was helpful and knowledgeable about all the options! We had to wait several months for instillation due to supply chain issues, but our roof was worth the … More wait. The whole experience was great! Ismael, the contractor, texted me daily updates and photos of the progress. After the instillation I noticed the leaf guards were not reinstalled, and they came out quickly to fix the issue. We love our new metal roof, and have had lots of compliments from friends and neighbors.
  • Avatar Brian451 Wilson ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Green Knight Roofing (and Michael) did a very nice and professional job for me when they reroofed my entire house. I am preparing for solar panels, and got rid of 6 skylights (the solar panels will cover up the sun from reaching those … More anyway), which left 6 holes in my roof. As long as I was putting on a whole new roof as part of repairing those 6 holes, Green Knight added 4 inches of insulation (this raising the roof 4 inches).
    They also installed all new gutters, the end result looks really nice.
    As part of this, Green Knight did some custom new changed routing of my gutters. One of the old gutters had a really ugly downspout right in the center of my back patio, so Green Knight figured out how to route it away in a different direction to get rid of the down spout blocking the view.
    Opportunistically, I needed to run ethernet cables from end to end of my house and trenching through drywall would have been absolutely brutal. So I had Green Knight "pause work" after they ripped off the old roof and let me string a bunch of network cables on the underlayment of the roof, then Green Knight put down the extra 4 inches of insulation, then Green Knight put the metal roof on top. It worked beautifully well and was "free" and took about 20 minutes for me to string networking all over my house.
    I'd use Green Knight again.
  • Avatar Travis Hundley ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    I am a professional general contractor and rely heavily on my subs. Green Knight Metal Roofing is amazing to work with. They are my go to supplier for all of my metal needs. They are real people that produce amazing results. I highly recommend … More to anyone who has metal needs from metal roofing to siding including gutters to use them… thanks again guys!!!

Green Knight ® Metal Roofing provides the most weather resistant roofing available to Central Texas locals. Our roofing solutions are sustainable and will last the duration of your home’s life. We can customize all of our roofs thanks to the skill of our technicians and with the help of advanced finish application and technology.

Kynar 500®

Kynar 500® is a coating system that utilizes fluoropolymers, which have an unusual molecular structure of bonded carbon and fluorine. This bond is the key to Kynar 500’s® unparalleled resistance to thermal, chemical, and even ultraviolet damage.

Kynar 500® resin-based coatings outperform alternative finishes like polyester, urethane, silicone polyester and acrylic coatings. Not only do they have better color retention, but they also have more resistance to chalking, fading, peeling and cracking.


24 Gauge Kynar® Color Chart for Standing Seam Products

24 Gauge Kynar® Color Chart for Standing Seam Products

HI-R Kynar 500® Heat Barrier Coatings

HI-R Kynar 500® heat barrier coatings combine the Kynar 500® finish with reflective pigment technology. The pigments help to reflect more infrared light and heat than the standard Kynar 500® coatings do on their own.

The complicated chemical structure of these pigments reflect infrared light from the sun that is mostly responsible for the heat build-up in your home; it keeps your home cooler, which means significant reductions in your energy bills.

The HI-R® heat barrier technology has a solar reflectance as high as forty-six percent without ever sacrificing vibrant color. Choose the color you want without the worry of a warm house with HI-R Kynar 500® heat barrier coatings today.


ZINCALUME® Steel, manufactured by Steelscape, is a metallic coated sheet steel offering two to four times the corrosion resistance of galvanized steel. Its revolutionary aluminum-zinc coating formula consists of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicon by weight. By volume, the coating is about 80% aluminum.

ZINCALUME®, also known by the trade name Galvalume®, has a uniform spangled surface and can be readily bent, roll-formed or drawn. Durability, edge protection and resistance to crevice corrosion have made this product the building material of choice for construction projects throughout the globe.

SMP (Silicone Modified Polyester) Colors

Silicone-modified polyester paint systems are only available on 26 gauge metal products. SMP maintains excellent color retention and performance, and is available in many Energy Star® rated color choices which can help reduce cooling costs.