Green Knight®: Year in Review

Dec 6, 2021Blog

Green Knight Metal Roofing Austin

2021 was a busy year for Green Knight® Metal Roofing. From the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic to the highly damaging Snowpocalypse that burdened Texas with unrelenting snowfall, the team at Green Knight® Metal Roofing had a lot on their plate. But we were faced with other challenges as well: shortages in both roofing materials and labor made 2021 an incredibly stressful year for everyone on the team. However, amidst all the difficulty, we persevered.

Accomplishments, Achievements, and Accolades of the Green Knight® Metal Roofing Team

One of the many accomplishments the team at Green Knight® Metal Roofing earned is our appearance in the Inc. Magazine’s top 5000 list! Every year, the magazine lists the top 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the US to showcase their success to the broader business community. Thanks to Green Knight® Metal Roofing’s diligence and commitment during the troubling year, we were able to reach the 2268 spot! Given how we obtained this rank after the tumultuous year that was 2020, which drastically altered how countless businesses across the country operated, we’re grateful for our ranking, a testament to our continued success in providing Texans with quality metal roofs for their homes and businesses.

Another achievement the Green Knight® Metal Roofing team is proud to have won during 2021 is our placement in the Austin Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Companies award! The purpose of this award is to recognize companies that obtained significant revenue growth in the past few years. Additionally, the Austin Business Journal highlights each winner in the October edition of their publication. This year, we’re proud to have ranked in 8th place, a step up from last year, when we placed 9th! Not only did Green Knight® Metal Roofing perform well, but we were able to improve our position despite all the challenges we faced due, in part, to our dedicated metal roofing team.

See You in 2022!

Despite the many trials and tribulations faced throughout the year, Green Knight® Metal Roofing made it through 2021. If our placement in the Austin Business Journal is anything to go by, we’re doing better than ever. The reason Green Knight® Metal Roofing has been able to deliver and install high-quality metal roofing on homes throughout the area is due to our team’s communication and commitment to excellence.

We look forward to continuing to serve the needs of our customers with excellent customer service and unparalleled workmanship this coming new year!

If you are interested in installing aluminum shingles or other metal roofing options in Central Texas, make sure to give us a call. We’re always here to help homeowners with professional and timely metal roofing services.